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Bombay Bazaar (BB) Pte Ltd was incorporated on 18 January 2023 as the associate company of Bombay Bazaar (BB), which was founded in 1937.

Bombay Bazaar was founded in the year 1937 primarily as a textile trading company. In line with the meteoric rise of Singapore as a trading hub, Bombay Bazaar quickly established itself as a leading importer of various fabrics from Japan, China and India.

With the birth of mobile communication in the 90’s, Bombay Bazaar reinvented itself once again by moving into the field of mobile technology. In keeping up with the times and staying relevant to modern needs, Bombay Bazaar has now established itself as a leading importer and exporter of mobile phones in leading brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple.

As part of the group’s expansion plans, BBPL was set up to support the foray into newer overseas markets. Bombay Bazaar already has an established presence abroad and this new company will further cement its reach worldwide.

Bombay Bazaar is the trusted international mobile phone wholesaler. Guaranteed quality products at the best prices.

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